Do you feel self-conscious of hairy parts on your face or body? Are you tired of the constant shaving, plucking, and waxing just to get rid of unwanted hair? If you answered yes, then read on for the solution!

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure for stopping the growth of hair or removing it for good. It works by rapidly pulsing lasers at the targeted follicles to remove hair and keep it from growing back.

The result is smoother, silkier skin, which you can’t get from shaving, plucking, or waxing. So, you can be more confident, wear any clothes you want, or just be hair-free as you please. To help you decide if laser hair removal is for you, here’s a walk-through of the procedure.

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First things first: laser hair removal should be performed by a certified medical professional to ensure safety and best results. A consultation is essential to know if you’re the right candidate for the procedure based on your health, skin type, hair texture and colour, and the body part to be treated.

At The Aesthetics Centre Singapore, Dr Anita will explain:

  • if the results you want are realistic and doable at the clinic
  • if you’re in the best condition for the procedure
  • the probability of side effects, and how to address them
  • how to prepare for the treatment and recovery period
  • how many sessions you need, and the cost

The doctor will then make a detailed treatment plan based on your discussion. So, be sure to disclose pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, medications you’re taking, and procedures or surgery you’ve had in the past if any.

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Laser hair removal is an outpatient procedure, which means you can walk out of the clinic right after the treatment. But you’ll be given a week or two to prepare for it, and get in the best condition for the procedure.

Dr Anita will give you pre-treatment instructions during your consultation, such as:

  • Avoid the sun and apply sunscreen 3-4 weeks before the procedure
  • Avoid tanning, so your skin is in its natural condition before treatment
  • Don’t pluck or wax for 3-4 weeks before treatment 

During the procedure, low-energy lasers will be beamed at the follicles on the targeted area, to stop hair from growing back. An anaesthetic gel may be applied, and skin-cooling devices will be used to minimise your discomfort. Remember, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor if you have any more questions or concerns.


Get a good night’s sleep on the eve of your treatment, drink lots of water, and relax—laser hair removal is minimally painful, and has no downtime. The initial procedure usually takes half an hour, depending on the size of the targeted area.

The doctor will do a test treatment first, and you may feel a slight stinging sensation, but do speak up if it’s making you uncomfortable. Here’s what else to expect: 

  • You’ll wear eye shields or other protective gear as needed
  • The hair on the targeted area will be shaved
  • The device settings will be configured to your skin/hair colour/condition
  • There will be pauses, to check the progress, and if you’re comfortable 
  • You’ll be asked about your menstrual cycle (a pain-sensitivity factor)

You’ll be monitored throughout the procedure for any adverse reactions. You’ll also be given post-care instructions (and medication, as needed) before the doctor sends you home. 

There will be some redness and irritation after the procedure, which won’t last long. You may need to put an ice pack or apply a specially-formulated cream to the treated area, but make sure to call the doctor if these symptoms persist.


You’ll instantly notice smoother skin after the procedure, but it usually takes 6 sessions to permanently reduce the hair.

Note that hair grows at different stages, so don’t get discouraged if you notice hair growing back after the second week. That’s when the follicles which weren’t treated with the laser will go on a growth spurt. And that’s why follow-up sessions are required. 

Multiple treatments spaced out by several weeks is necessary. People whose hair typically grows faster may need more sessions to get the best results. Follow-up treatments are usually scheduled every 4-6 weeks, which is ample time for you to recover and for the dead hair shafts to fall out on their own.


The majority of our patients at The Aesthetics Centre Singapore tell us that the procedure was a breeze, and they’re happy with the results. 

However, we’re not saying that this is true for everyone. Some people may experience side effects from the procedure itself, but problems crop up mostly from improper aftercare. Your healing process, as well as your skin’s response to the treatment, likewise depends on the health of your immune system.

Here are some tips to help your skin recover faster from the procedure, and look and feel as smooth and silky as realistically possible:

  • Follow the doctor-prescribed skin care regimen to the letter
  • Use only the skincare products the doctor recommended
  • Skip the gym, sauna, and swimming pool for a while
  • Don’t exfoliate for at least a week after the treatment
  • Pause activities that make you sweat, or get the treated area soaked

No matter what you do, avoid touching, rubbing, and scratching the treated area, especially on the first few days after the procedure. Wearing tight-fitting clothes at this point is not also advisable, especially around the treated area. 

Make a habit of using sunblock with SPF 25 or higher, and again, if you smoke, quit for a while (for good, if you can). Eating lots of vitamin C-enriched food is also a great idea, and try not to get stressed as it affects the body’s ability to heal naturally. 

At The Aesthetics Centre, our preferred laser is the GentleMax Pro™ by Candela™, widely used in the industry for 20 years now. It’s a dual-platform laser that works on most types of skin/hair, especially Asians and those with darker colouring.

NOW’s the time to get the silky smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always dreamed of. BOOK A CONSULTATION with us and let’s get you started TODAY!

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Dr. Anita Soosay has more than 10 years of experience in private practice as an Aesthetics Medicine practitioner in Singapore. She is one of the certified users of Thermage and VASER Liposelection when they were first introduced in Singapore, and was trained under the tutelage of Prof. Alberto Di Giuseppe in Bologna, Italy. She is a certified LASER physician since 2007 and with experience in operating a number of ablative and non-ablative lasers such as the CO2 laser, Q-switched Nd-YAG, long-pulsed Nd-YAG, Diode and Copper Bromide laser. She also uses Intense Pulsed Light, Radio frequency and Infrared technologies in her array of non-invasive medical aesthetics treatments. Dr. Soosay is passionate about providing innovative and up-to-date medical aesthetics treatments that are safe and have scientifically proven results, with patient satisfaction being her top most priority.