Tackle unwanted hair efficiently and painlessly with laser hair removal treatment at The Aesthetics Centre.

Smooth and hairless hands, legs and underarms can become increasingly important as temperatures soar and you’re tempted to wear the skimpiest of clothes. You definitely don’t want your style choices cramped by whether or not you’ve had time to shave your legs or make it to your monthly waxing appointment.

A good and effective way to stay fuzz-free is to opt for laser hair removal. By directly destroying the hair follicle, it steadily reduces and finally almost entirely eliminates hair growth in the targeted area.

During the treatment, a highly concentrated laser beam passes through the skin to target hair follicles. This light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, known as melanin, causing the destruction of the hair follicle.

Cause for Caution

This process can, however, lead to hyperpigmentation in individuals with deeper skin tones, as the greater quantity of melanin found in the epidermis of darker skins can absorb the light instead. That’s why it’s so important that you visit a specialist who is qualified, trained and highly experienced in laser hair removal for different skin types.

Dr. Anita Soosay at The Aesthetics Centre practices an advanced method of laser hair removal – a multi-pronged approach that uses several types of lasers to safely and effectively remove hair. As she explains, the lasers are of varying wavelenghths and are able to handle different types of hair, so using multiple lasers yields better results.

What to Expect

First, she assesses your skin type and hair colour to choose the best possible hair removal treatment for you. Depending on your skin and hair type, she will use a combination of lasers – namely the Soprano Diode laser, the Lumenis M22 system and the Candela long-pulsed ndYAG laser.

After each of the initial two to three sessions, you will notice that your unwanted hair is thinner and growing back more slowly. Each time, Dr Anita will assess the progress and switch lasers accordingly.

This laser hair removal programme is suitable for all skin types and most hair types. Both men and women can benefit from this  treatment, and it can be used to tackle facial as well as body hair, with lasting results.

—Published on expatLIVING June 2016 Magazine

Laser Hair Removal Singapore - Remove Unwanted Hair Efficiently and Painlessly at The Aesthetics Centre