Are you considering having a laser hair removal but worrying over its safety? Fair enough! Well, you’d be glad to know that the safety of the procedure has improved significantly over the years. All thanks to technological advances, regulatory approval, and evolving expertise of healthcare practitioners who deliver the treatment since its discovery in the 1960s and FDA approval in 1997.

In this blog, we’ll provide valuable insights into the process, safety measures, and tips for getting the best results, whether you’re a first-timer or someone looking to enhance your knowledge of the procedure. So, read on!

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But first, what is Laser Hair Removal?

So, what exactly is laser hair removal (LHR)? It’s a treatment that uses a concentrated light beam to remove or reduce unwanted hair. The light energy targets the pigment in hair follicles, which turns into heat, damaging the follicles and inhibiting future hair growth. 

The procedure is precise, efficient, and provides long-lasting results compared to traditional hair removal methods. LHR selectively targets dark, coarse hair while sparing the surrounding skin. Do note that for optimal results, multiple sessions are required to address hair in its different growth phases — usually 6 to 10 sessions, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

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Safety Protocols Followed in Laser Hair Removal

A safe laser hair removal procedure must adhere to meticulous safety protocols to ensure a safe and secure experience. Rest assured, before any treatment takes place, the doctor conducts a comprehensive consultation to assess the client’s skin type and medical history. 

On the day of the procedure, the clinic implements measures for eye protection to ensure the safety of the client, and also the technician. Here at the clinic, we ensure that the equipment is well-calibrated, adjusting settings based on the client’s skin and hair characteristics, and relevant medical history. Cooling mechanisms, such as gels or air, are likewise provided to minimise procedure discomfort. After the treatment, the doctor will give you post-care advice, including guidance on sun protection. 

Additionally, clinics, doctors, nurses, and technicians that offer medical-grade laser procedures such as laser hair removal must comply with industry standards and certifications to ensure adherence to safety guidelines.

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Managing Potential Risks and Side Effects

Like most procedures, LHR comes with precautions, but note that the risks of side effects vary based on skin type, hair colour, treatment plan, and compliance with pre-treatment and post-treatment care. 

Common side effects may include temporary skin irritation, inflammation, and redness that typically resolve within a few hours. Pigment changes may occur, resulting in darkening or lightening of the skin, which could be temporary or permanent. 

Uncommon side effects may include scabbing, blistering, scarring, or changes in skin texture. Doctors do not recommend laser hair removal for the eyelids, eyebrows, or surrounding areas near the eyes due to the potential risk of severe eye injury.

For ladies, undergoing laser hair removal during periods is generally safe. However, some may experience increased sensitivity or discomfort during this time. We strongly advise you to communicate with your doctor about your menstrual cycle and any related concerns prior to the procedure. The doctor can then guide you in managing potential discomfort and ensure you feel at ease throughout the procedure.

During the consultation, ask the doctor about avoiding blood-thinning medications, like aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, if you are taking any. Likewise, It’s advisable to inform your doctor about any prior or potential scarring concerns, previous tattoos, or intentions to get tattoos.

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Choosing Certified Professionals for Safe Procedures 

Opting for board-certified professionals ensures the safety of laser hair removal procedures because it can be dangerous if inexperienced hands do the procedure. Certified practitioners have the necessary training and expertise to conduct treatments accurately and safely. 

When you’re scouting for clinics, consider factors such as accreditation, relevant certifications, and experience in performing laser hair removal. Certification indicates adherence to industry standards, enhancing confidence in the practitioner’s ability to minimise risks and side effects. Prioritising certified professionals is crucial for a safe and effective laser hair removal experience.

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Why The Aesthetics Centre for Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

It’s important to note that the outcomes of laser hair removal can vary from person to person. Hair colour, skin type, and individual response to treatment may influence the results. Consulting with a qualified professional and managing your expectations will help you fully appreciate the benefits of laser hair removal and enjoy its effects. At The Aesthetics Centre, we prioritise every client’s safety and successful procedure. Only trained and certified medical professionals perform treatments at our clinic.

Dr. Anita Soosay of The Aesthetics Centre (TAC) Singapore has more than 15 years of experience in private practice as an Aesthetics Medicine practitioner in Singapore. She is a certified LASER physician since 2007 and with experience in operating a number of ablative and non-ablative lasers such as the CO2 laser, Q-switched Nd-YAG, long-pulsed Nd-YAG, Diode and Copper Bromide laser.  She also uses Intense Pulsed Light, Radio frequency and Infrared technologies in her array of non-invasive medical aesthetics treatments. Dr. Soosay has a special interest in laser hair removal for tanned skin patients as it is a skin type that is difficult to treat safely 

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