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1. What is Exilis Elite Body Contouring?

This is a body contouring procedure which uniformly heats the tissue at therapeutic skin levels. To make this possible, the Exilis Elite machine works under a dynamic monopolar RF (radiofrequency) delivery system fitted with Energy Flow Control (EFC) technology. The built-in temperature sensors help reduce the energy levels to ensure that only therapeutic heating is delivered.

Exilis Elite uses the same technology as Thermage, but unlike the latter, it comes with ultrasound technology to maximize contouring treatments. Ultrasound energy provides the mechanical effect of separating fat cell clusters, allowing a more efficient RF thermal delivery on target areas.


2. How Does Exilis Elite Work?

Exilis Elite is considered to be a promising RF device that can provide results after 5-6 sessions. Its dynamic monopolar RF delivery system and EFC technology uniformly heats the tissues within therapeutic skin levels. To ensure that the heat delivered is within the needed intensity to be considered therapeutic, Exilis has built-in temperature sensors that can effect change without causing too much pain. It uses the same technology as Thermage, but Exilis is embedded with ultrasound technology to maximize treatments.


3. How Does Radiofrequency Work to Dissolve Fat?

The action of Radiofrequency energy is based on an oscillating electrical current that causes charged molecules and ions to collide, and are eventually transformed into heat. The radiofrequency energy generates heat which turns fat tissues into small bubbles. As a result, the fat tissues are eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system.


4. What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Exilis Elite?

These are the areas the can be targeted for both fat reduction and skin tightening:

  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Bra bulges
  • Back fat
  • Upper Arms (bat wings)
  • Hands
  • Anterior thighs
  • Lateral thighs
  • Posterior thighs
  • Inner thighs
  • Inner knees
  • Ankles
  • Vulva treatments


5. How Does Thermage Compare to Exilis Elite?

These two treatments are often compared with each other since they are widely known top players in RF treatment. Thermage and Exilis Elite have the following similarities and differences.



As mentioned earlier, both Exilis and Thermage use monopolar Radiofrequency. These treatments can also be used for skin tightening on the face, decollete, neck and body. Both can promote skin tightening and long-term collagen formation, with skin tightening continuing 3-6 months forward as new collagen remodels. Over time, the two treatments improve the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.




While both treatments use monopolar RF technology, Exilis Elite comes with additional ultrasound techonology. It helps in maximizing energy, inducing fat lipolysis and collagen tightening.


In terms of price, the cost of every treatment with Thermage is more expensive due to the length of the treatment and the expensive disposable tips.


Exilis Elite has shown to be superior to Thermage because it has fat reducing and skin tightening actions created by the monopolar radiofrequency energy combined with ultrasound as well as a powerful epidermal cooling tip. Due to the presence of the cooling action, it is possible for the deeper tissues to be well heated. The cooling can then be switched off to treat laxity. Normally, you would need two different systems to do the same actions that Exilis is able to complete on its own.


Results can be seen much faster with Exilis. Four sessions, scheduled 2-4 weeks apart will already provide you with noticeable changes. For skin and body contouring, major changes are already evident even after the first and second sessions. However, it is also important to know that optimal results can be achieved only after the third or fourth sessions.

Depth of Treatment

The treatment depth is better with Exilis because of its EFC technology. EFC is a built-in cooling tip combined with ultrasound technology which offers a good range of heat delivery. It is efficient in superficially delivering heat for skin tightening, or even going as deep as 25 mm (2.5 cm) into the skin to effect fat reduction. Thermage, on the other hand, can only go as deep as 7mm. Even Ultherapy (an ultrasound skin-tightening device) can only reach a maximum of 4.5mm.

Number of Treatments

As for the number of treatments, you only need to come once for Thermage. But in reality, one treatment may not be enough for skin tightening, as some patients may require additional sessions 6 months down the line, at an additional cost. For Exilis, a total of 2-6 sessions are often advised depending on the extent of sagging that a patient has.

Treatment Time

Treatment can be done in as little as 12-20 minutes, which is significantly much faster compared to the maximum 3 hours required for Thermage, or longer for other technologies.


The older version of Thermage received bad reviews because of its painful treatments. To address this problem, its manufacturer introduced its cooling tip, also known as Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT), to make the treatment bearable for the patient. Exilis already comes with a cooling tip plus a heat sensor monitor to ensure optimal heat delivery that makes maximum patient comfort, results and safety, possible.


The built-in safety feature found in Exilis makes this device one of the few RF devices which automatically shuts down if full contact with the skin is lost. This eliminates the risk of any uneven skin contact which may result in burns that are typical with other RF devices. The Exilis Elite EFC technology also heats the target tissues uniformly within therapeutic skin levels. It senses tissue density and depth changes, so the system adjusts accordingly to prevent overheating.


6. How Many Treatments Does One Need?

It is commonly recommended that a patient undergo one treatment every 2-3 weeks with a minimum of four treatments. Most clinics would wait around three months to see if follow-up treatments are needed. If an evaluation shows that they are, 2-4 treatments more can be done which are then followed by maintenance treatments every 6 months.


7. What is the Difference Between a Monopolar and Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) Device?

RF devices are either monopolar, bipolar or multipolar. Monopolar energy, such as the kind used for Exilis, travels from a handpiece to a distant pole. It requires a grounding electrode that is applied to the body which allows it to penetrate up to 25mm deep. At this depth, it is able to affect both skin and subcutaneous fat. Studies even support the fact that aside from fat reduction, monopolar energy is also effective in body shaping.

Bipolar energy also goes through the same mode of transfer and symmetrical electrodes which control the distribution of energy. However, it is only able to penetrate up to 2mm to 4mm deep into the skin.


8. How long do results last?


Generally, the results created by Exilis Elite are long-lasting, provided that you maintain your weight after treatment. The longevity of your results is also dependent on your genetic predisposition to aging as well as your lifestyle. You may need some touch-up treatments to maintain results.


9. What is Shockwave Therapy?


Also known as BTL X-Wave treatment, this treatment is done to specifically improve a patient’s skin texture. It uses targeted vibrations to eliminate the main factors that cause an uneven skin surface. The mechanical vibrations enhance microcirculation and oxygen supply, as well as the removal of excess interstitial fluid.

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive, affordable and comfortable treatment for scars and stretch marks. The Exilis technology makes deep-reaching treatment possible. This means that it may require lesser sessions for faster results compared to its counterparts.


10. Who are the persons who should provide this treatment?


Exilis Elite treatments should only be provided by trained medical professionals or aestheticians under medical supervision.

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