If the thought of getting a tattoo removed ever crossed your mind, then you’ve probably done some research about how it’s done, the places that offer it, and how much it will cost. You’ve also probably noticed the range of price points available for laser tattoo removal.

The cost and effectiveness of laser tattoo removal will depend upon several things, mainly the device used and who is operating it.   

The most recent technology for laser tattoo removal is the picosecond system, wherein the laser is delivered onto the skin at a picosecond or a trillionth of a second  duration. This is an improvement from the previous system, which delivered laser at nanosecond or a billionth of a second duration. The speed in which the laser is delivered means less damage to the surrounding tissue because there’s not enough time for the skin to absorb the heat.

When choosing a clinic for a laser tattoo removal procedure, one of the first things you want to make certain of is that they are using the picosecond system. That being said, there are many different brands under the pico system. This includes PicoWay, PicoSure, Discovery Pico, and several others. So how are all these pico laser devices different from each other? 

At The Aesthetics Centre, the brand of choice is PicoWay and here’s why. 

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Pulse Duration 

The pulse duration is probably the most important aspect of laser tattoo removal. It refers to the speed that the laser is emitted into the skin. The lower number indicates a faster laser and a stronger shockwave. This means it will be more effective in breaking up ink particles. PicoWay has a true three-picosecond wavelength at 300ps, it is rated the fastest in the world at 300ps.


The wavelength of a laser determines the depth it can penetrate the dermis, the color pigment the laser can treat, and the skin type the laser will be most effective. The PicoWay device has three wavelengths, compared to some of the others which only has two wavelengths. PicoWay is effective in treating dark and difficult blue and green pigments.  


PicoWay was first released in 2015 and has been recognized by many institutions for its effectiveness. There have been many documented successes of PicoWay in tattoo removal. Since it’s 2017 upgrade, the rate for success in clearing dark pigments increased even more. Picoway has earned a reputation for itself, which is why it’s the device of choice for clinics and institutions, including here at The Aesthetics Centre.  

Some of the other brands under the picosystem are quite new and they have not been around long enough to establish a solid history of success. When choosing any treatment that will be used on your body, especially on your skin, credibility and a good track record are paramount.   

 Operator Experience

Choosing the best laser tattoo removal device is important, but do not discount the operator who will be performing the procedure. A good device handled by the wrong person will not work the way it should. In The Aesthetics Centre, delicate procedures like laser tattoo removal are handled exclusively by licensed doctors with the appropriate training and accreditation. Your skin will be under expert care the entire time. 

The Real Cost of Cheap Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures

Ineffective procedures are a waste of money, as well as time. Tattoo removal takes time because the skin needs to heal and rest in between treatments. A disreputable clinic might require you to keep coming back for multiple treatments with nothing to show for it. How many fruitless treatments are you willing to endure and how much money are you willing to burn before finally cutting your losses? 

That’s not even the worst of it. A botched procedure can leave you seriously maimed or scarred. You cannot be too careful when it comes to this. Your skin will essentially be blasted by laser, it is hot, painful, and dangerous in the wrong hands. Make sure you trust the clinic and the doctor doing the procedure.   

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Learn More About What PicoWay Can Do For You

Laser tattoo removal is a generally safe procedure but it is not risk-free. Before deciding on where to get your procedure done, do your research, ask pertinent questions, and make sure you speak to the doctor who will be doing the procedure, a doctor who will be transparent about what you can expect and manage your expectations about the results. You can’t do enough due diligence when your skin and lasers are involved.  

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