Athletes prepare for their competitions in ways non-athletes can never imagine. Their perseverance and dedication are unmatched. But besides going through strenuous training, they also need to look after their skin as unwanted hair growth can be a factor in hampering their performance.

In this blog, we’ve provided a rundown of how athletes can benefit from laser hair removal not just to improve their appearance and boost their confidence, but also as a means to help improve their game.

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How Unwanted Hair Interferes with Athletic Performance

Excessive body hair can potentially hinder an athlete’s performance. In fact, studies show that runners and swimmers can perform better when they are hairless.

According to research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, removing body hair reduces active drag among swimmers, thereby decreasing the physiological cost of swimming. This means they can swim faster and better if they remove unwanted hair. A similar study by researchers in the United States revealed that hair removal before a competition also benefits athletes by reducing body drag. In addition, they explained that the practice, which has been observed since the 1950s, improves the athlete’s ability to sense and eliminate non-propulsive and energy-consuming movements.

What’s more, another study has proved that body hair removal in swimmers improves their performance capacity. Meanwhile, runners and other athletes benefit from being hairless – as they gain more speed.

Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal in Athletes

Athletes are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, push their bodies to the limit, and show sheer willpower to succeed. Unfortunately, they do all of this while wearing skin-tight sportswear.

In addition to looking good, athletes should be comfortable and able to move freely. Recently, permanent hair removal with a medical-grade laser has gained immense popularity in the sports world. With laser hair removal, athletes who previously had to shave their body hair can now achieve longer-lasting results.

So, what are the benefits of permanent hair removal?

1. Helps enhance performance

In any sport, even tiny time differences can spell the difference between winning and finishing second place. Among athletes, science has shown that a lack of hair reduces wind and water resistance, making them faster. Due to the increased resistance of body hair in water and air, which has been noticed in swimmers, cyclists, and runners, athletes often choose to have their body hair removed.

Furthermore, the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reports that runners with their body hair removed can save up to 0.01 seconds per 100 metres or even 5.7 total seconds during a marathon. In addition, tennis players and cyclists often claim that having hairless skin feels cooler when exercising, which improves performance and decreases the risk of heat exhaustion mid-game.

2. Adds comfort, lesser maintenance

How can athletes perform better if they are not comfortable? Athletes are exposed to discomfort and impediments during training and participating in competitions. One of the less-known issues they have is body hair.

The presence of hair on the body may cause discomfort or pain as it can get caught in the clothing and tug while the athlete is competing. Aside from it being painful, it can affect their overall performance. For example, among cyclists, hair on the legs can get tangled in the bicycle’s moving parts, causing pain and accidents.

3. Makes it easier to treat injuries

Sports events require physical agility and endurance, but we cannot avoid falls or accidents that cause abrasions and wounds. Early treatment of injuries during an athletic competition is the key to preventing infections. Moreover, it’s hard to apply medicated ointments, creams, and bandages to abrasions if the injured area is full of hair.

4. Smooth skin means less friction

Do you know that swimmers need smooth skin to swim better and faster? Laser hair removal makes the skin soft and bump-free, helping swimmers perform optimally during their events. Further, having smooth skin will add to the athlete’s overall look and comfort.

5. Enhances a muscular appearance

Athletes work hard on their bodies, working out regularly to keep them looking fit and toned. The figure that athletes present reflects how much effort they put into succeeding. Their perfectly muscular physique looks best without hair.

You’ve probably noticed that bodybuilders, gymnasts, and even dancers are hairless. Apart from performing better, looking their best is also essential to boost their confidence in performing better.

Why Do Athletes Opt for Laser Hair Removal?

Many studies have shown how body hair removal improves athletic performance, and many high-end sports events recommend it to their participants. In fact, it has been a mainstay in sports events for decades.

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Laser hair removal makes the job easier as it’s long-lasting, faster, and more efficient. However, permanent hair removal would be an answered prayer for everyone since shaving or waxing takes a lot of time and effort. For athletes, it will save them time to shave when they train and practise for their upcoming events.

If you’re fed up with shaving, tweezing, and making waxing appointments before your sports competition then a good option would be permanent hair removal, which can be achieved by medical-grade lasers. You can perform and look your best without feeling uncomfortable.

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