Situated on the ground floor of the Great World City Office Tower in Singapore, The Aesthetics Centre has been providing innovative anti-aging and skin rejuvenation services for men and women since 2007.

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About Us

Our trained and certified medical professionals perform innovative treatments with technology that is proven to be safe, efficient, and effective.


Our Services

Our non-surgical, medical aesthetic treatments improve the texture and appearance of skin and hair, and enhance facial and body contours.

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Tattoo Removal: Are Lasers the Way to Go?

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There are few things more permanent than getting a tattoo. A bad haircut can grow out, piercings are inconspicuous without the attached jewelry, and contact lens colors can be changed on a whim. But tattoos, [...]

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Breaking Down The Cost of Tattoo Removals

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Last updated on August 6th, 2019 More people are getting tattoos than ever before, judging from the proliferation of tattoo parlors, the growing acceptance of tattooing as a fine art form, and the rise of [...]

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