Individuals who wish to tame down their angular features can enhance their appearance without having to make any incision. It has been a treatment tested and proven to make structural changes without subjecting you to surgical risks and complications. While doing so, you inadvertently improve the appearance of your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is this non-surgical wrinkle treatment made of?

The injection is made of purified protein that is a result of extensive research and clinical trials. It is used to temporarily reduce muscle activity particularly on the face. But, beyond that, it also provides a number of benefits.

At our clinic, we use an FDA-approved product in our Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatment & Jaw Sculpting services as a wrinkle-smoothening injection and as a treatment to reduce prominent, asymmetric, and disproportionate jaw line caused by hypertrophic (enlarged) jaw muscles.

2. What can be expected in Non-Surgical Wrinkle Smoothening & Jaw Sculpting?

This wrinkle smoothening injection targets the underlying cause of crow’s feet and frown lines due to repeated muscle contractions to create facial expressions. It temporarily reduces muscle activity, eventually smoothing frown lines and crow’s feet.

As the muscles along the posterior jaw are used to chew and clench the teeth, it eventually enlarges especially when you have this habit while asleep. This injection has given impressive results for jaw reduction by relaxing the jaw muscles. Bone, fatty tissue, skin thickness and other pertinent factors are assessed prior to treatment. It can slim down the facial profile  by narrowing the lower facial width as it targets the masseter muscles. By doing so, a youthful triangulation of the face can be achieved.

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The time frames for when wrinkles treatments and jawline reduction can be achieved vary for each patient. Since the effect is temporary, a touch up treatment is necessary to maintain results.

Some patients complain that they don’t seem to see any results, or they unfortunately end up with a botched outome. This could be due to poor technique, inadequate amount of units used, or a product of poor quality. Always be sure that you are given only the safe and authentic injections.

3. Who is an appropriate candidate for this treatment?

It is often believed that wrinkle-smoothening injections are only for those who have pronounced wrinkles, but it actually works best as a preventive treatment. You don’t wait for the lines to appear before you have it administered. In fact, you can have it as early as 30 years old. Generally, this corrects moderate to severe facial wrinkles but it is also equally important to maintain realistic expectations for improvement.

This is suitable for patients who wish to tone down an excessively wide jawline due to an enlargement of the chewing muscles.

This treatment is not advised for individuals with muscle or nerve conditions, severe illness or infection, skin infection on the target site, allergic reactions, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

4. How long will the effects last?

The effect of the wrinkle-smoothening injection varies for each individual and this will depend on different factors. Since the effect is temporary, any unsatisfactory outcome will wear off in a few months, which is an advantage for those who decide midway that this is not a suitable treatment

5. How much does an injection cost?

The price depends on the extent of treatment needed for your case. For us to provide an accurate quote, it is important that you get evaluated first. We guarantee reasonable prices for service offered and quality products used. At The Aesthetics Centre, we make sure that you get what you pay for.


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