“I was young, he was my first love, and a couple’s tattoo seemed so romantic,” said Ling who got inked at age 17. Now 29 years old, Ling is getting married in less than a year…but not to the guy whose name is emblazoned on her ribcage.

In Singapore, most tattoo parlours have a minimum age requirement of 18, which is about the time people got the tat they regretted the most. It’s between ages 18 and 21 that people get high on the first taste of independence, when we assert ourselves as new adults, hence, the impulsive decisions.

Studies show that nearly 40 percent of millennials have tattoos while only 6 percent of the previous generations got inked. Thanks (or no thanks) to the proliferation of social media, tattoos have become more of a fad than the highly personal statement it should be.

For women, a tattoo of somebody else’s name is the most regretted kind, according to various research. On the other hand, most men found that tribal-themed designs are the ones they wish they never got inked with in the first place. 

Hundreds of people have their tattoos erased every year, driving the growth and proliferation of tattoo removal clinics in Singapore. People may have different reasons for getting rid of their ink, but we all want it fast and safe. Laser tattoo removal could bring a sense of closure to your ink regret once and for all.

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“I have a tribal tattoo wrapped around my wrist. It’s some kind of Polynesian-Aztec design,” said Adrian, 32, who has around five tats on him. He first got inked on his first year at law school and now he’s with the legal department of a big pharma company. “I’m cool with my ink. It’s just this one on my wrist…I have a feeling I keep getting passed over for a promotion because of it.”

Adrian could be right. While tattoos have long progressed from taboo to trend, having one could be a hindrance to your career advancement. Many legal firms, financial institutions, and insurance companies still frown upon visible tattoos on their employees.

But we shouldn’t take it personally because it all has to do with the organisation’s culture and public image. These established businesses are banking on the respectability that they project to clients, which could have biases of their own based on their background, nationality, even religion.

To be safe, companies such as these tend to be more conservative and conscious of how their employees present themselves. They prefer hiring people who look traditionally professional (clean-cut vs. flamboyant) to represent them and carry their brand.

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So yes, where on your body you got inked is a big factor for that tattoo regret you’ve been lugging around for quite some time. For most women, the tats they have on their upper back are the most regrettable. It’s the ones they have inked on their biceps that men regret most, on the other hand.

Interestingly enough, people (regardless of age or gender) who have larger tattoos have lesser or no regret at all. It’s the ones that they had on a whim—over the weekend, while on vacation, while drunk, or on a dare—that they wish they hadn’t at all.

Big tattoos like full-back or full-sleeve designs take a long time to achieve. These things require commitment and patience. After all, it took many, many sessions with the tattoo artist; a lot of money; and considerable pain to complete these huge tattoos.

We’re not at all discouraging you but if you’re dead set on getting inked, be reminded that it’s not going to look the same way forever. The colours may fade, your body changes, and your skin ages over time—these and other environmental factors will most likely affect the appearance of your tattoo.

So, pick a style that’s timeless or a design that ages well. Ask yourself if you can live with your tat if or when you decide on a career or lifestyle change. Make sure that it truly has meaning for you because, at the heart of it, what you do with your body must always be your choice, first and foremost.

The takeaway: getting a tattoo is a big deal, it’s a life-changing decision, for better or worse. Before getting a tattoo, mull it over, let the idea sit, and imagine yourself living with that ink 10, even 20 years from now. If there’s anything we’ve learned from our laser tattoo removal patients, it’s that tattoo regret grows over time, not lessens over the years.

REGRET vs CLOSURE: Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

Now that you’ve outgrown that tattoo, or it no longer fits your lifestyle, you’re probably tempted to make a beeline for the nearest salon to get rid of it. But before you do, it would be smart to dig around for more information and maybe even hear out some words of caution.

Here at The Aesthetics Centre, we’ve made use of available technology and proven that not all tattoo removal machines are created equal. Faced with so many choices, your main concern should be to find a treatment that is safe, efficient, and reliable.

Our patients find that the PicoWayTM laser procedure produced the most satisfactory effect for removing tattoos, as well as treating acne scars and uneven skin pigmentation. This FDA-approved device marketed by Candela is the most current laser tattoo removal procedure in the industry.

Note, however, that laser tattoo removal via PicoWay is intended to be performed by licensed professionals at certified establishments. If you want to find out more about the procedure, you can check out our FAQ here, or set up an appointment with us today!

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