Aesthetics Clinic Singapore - Fighting off Facial Hair and Patchy Pigmentation



Amy Brook-Partridge

Whether it’s a light smattering of hair on the upper lip, or darker hairs that become more noticeable (and often increase) with age, facial hair is an ongoing battle for many women.

Weapon of Choice:

Lumenis OPT

(Optimal Pulse Technology)


Upper lip and chin.

Modus Operandi:

Lumenis OPT uses light pulses controlled and customised according to skin type and treatment, and can fight against a range of conditions, including discolouration, broken capillaries and the dreaded facial hair.

After the initial consultation, Dr Anita Soosay cleanses the target area and applies a cool gel to assist the pulses of light. She explains that the light from the device can be bright, and she places two pieces of cotton wool to protect my eyes.

“Patients sometimes experience what feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin,” Dr Soosay tells me. Prepped for a small amount of pain, the treatment was initially barely noticeable, as it moved around the upper lip and chin. Only towards the end of the 10 to 15 minute treatment, as the intensity increased, did it feel slightly uncomfortable.


Slight redness and swelling that receded within 30 minutes.


Dr Soosay recommends a minimum of four sessions to see real results. That’s because the life cycle of each hair, from baby to adult, is between four and six weeks, so what one session misses, the next should successfully target. No plucking in between, but snipping or shaving is fine.


Upper lip and chin together is $275 per session

—Published on expatLIVING March14 Magazine