Though it’s said that no manufacturers of light-based hair removal machine are allowed to claim that they will effect permanent hair removal, they are allowed to claim permanent hair reduction, meaning that hair will be removed to a significant degree. Then there’s electrolysis, an older technology that can claim permanent removal over many sessions of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser was first developed in the 1920’s. In the 1980’s when it was used to remove birthmarks, a side effect was noticed; it removes hair, too. Specific laser hair removal technology was developed in the mid 1990s and continues to advance.

Dr. Anita Soosay of The Aesthetics Centre says it’s one of their most-requested treatments. She prefers laser to other high-tech forms of hair removal because it results in permanent hair reduction without significant risk to the skin. Other forms of light-based treatment such as IPL, she says hold a high risk of burns, especially for those with tanned or darker skin. As for short-term solutions such as waxing and shaving, they can result in ingrown hair and folliculitis, and the continual irritation may also darken the skin.

Having several different types of lasers that can cater to different skin types and hair colours means she’s able to customise treatment for a wide variety of patient needs. “We constantly update our machines in order to provide the most efficient treatment for our patients.” she adds.

Published on expatLIVING February13 Magazine

Laser Hair Removal Singapore - How to Permanently Reduce Hair on Your Body Through Lasers