Are you a man with thick stubble, an unruly unibrow, or moustache hair? Well, good news gentlemen. You no longer have to worry about shaving. Imagine a morning without having to remove unwanted facial hair with tweezers.

The answer? You’ve probably heard of laser hair removal. It’s stereotypically known to accommodate women, but it can also be the best treatment option for men. Laser hair removal treatments are one way to go if you want a hassle-free way to remove your hair. The treatment exposes facial hair to laser pulses which destroy the follicle and therefore, the growth of the hair.

In this blog, we’ll cover the best laser hair removal procedures for men’s faces. With some of these treatments, you can permanently banish stubble, unibrow, moustache, beard, and other unwanted facial hair.

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The Benefits

Laser facial hair removal has been around for decades now, but it’s undergone many technological improvements. The latest advancements in the industry are producing better and more precise results than ever before, making laser treatment the ideal way to remove unwanted facial hair from men’s beards, moustaches, goatees, and sideburns, among other things.

Like our Gentlemaxpro by Candela, it has made laser hair removal more accessible to men than ever. It is designed to treat coarse hair that grows in different directions, not just thin hair like other treatments. And it makes a great option for those with thick beards or other coarse facial hair.

While there are other ways to get rid of facial hair – including waxing, plucking, and shaving – none offer such consistent or convenient results as a laser treatment.

  • Quick

    Although laser hair removal for men involves more sessions than a traditional shave, it can be done in just a few minutes. You might feel a pulling sensation as your hairs are removed by our specialised lasers here at The Aesthetic Centre. Topical anaesthetics are used on all treated areas in a quick session that’s less than an hour. 

  • Effective:

    Laser hair removal is effective, with most patients experiencing positive results after several sessions. The hair follicle is heated up adequately by the laser. There will be some bearable pain to achieve desired results. However, it can take up to eight treatments before a noticeable difference is seen. It means that laser hair removal may not be a viable option if you have a special event coming up in just a few weeks. If you have time and are willing to commit yourself to regular treatments over an extended period, laser hair removal could be right for you.

  • Precise:

    The laser removes hair at its follicle, so it can’t grow back. Unlike shaving or plucking, you won’t get unwanted regrowth from different parts of your face. Instead, you get a clean look without any stubble, ingrown hairs, or razor burn. Also, unlike other treatments, laser hair removal doesn’t require repeating every few weeks and has no downtime—so you don’t have to worry about looking anything less than professional.

Get the 411 on Laser Hair Procedure for Men’s Faces

If you’re a man who struggles with unwanted facial hair, the solution to your problem is a laser hair procedure. Whether it’s the nettlesome cheek hair that shows up whenever you sport a clean-shaven look or the bushy eyebrows that draw attention away from your eyes, facial hair can make you look older than you are — drawing attention away from your eyes and detracting from an otherwise well-groomed hairstyle. Luckily, there are several spots that the laser can target. 

Removing Unibrows

Many men choose to remove their unibrows and thick, dark upper lip hair because they don’t like it. Some also have skin conditions, such as acne or rosacea that can be exacerbated by facial hair. Even if you do nothing else but pluck your brows, you will need touch-ups at least every few weeks. That’s why it’s recommended to have laser treatments over waxing or plucking for more permanent removal. Laser hair treatments can successfully clear your unibrows and thick upper lip hair permanently in just a few sessions with The Aesthetics Centre’s experienced staff. 

Shaping Sideburns

Sideburns have made a huge comeback over recent years, with men being more mindful about their looks than ever before. And that’s no surprise – sideburns can change your face shape and make you look much younger. However, if you aren’t careful, they can also be an easy target for hair growth. So, how do you get those stylish sideburns without them getting in your way? With laser hair removal, of course! You can let them stay in shape without having the hassle of regular shaving.

Altering Moustache and Beards

This kind of treatment is suitable for a guy who wants his moustache or beard altered slightly, so your mornings will be plucking-session free. The laser works by creating heat that destroys hair follicles and prevents them from growing back. Because of its precision, you can treat just those areas you want to remove hair from without affecting the surrounding skin. For example, if you have a bushy beard but want your moustache trimmed down, there’s no need to wax or shave off your entire facial hair — just use facer laser treatments on your moustache area until it looks like how you like it.

Other Facial Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works best with every unwanted facial hair you wish to remove permanently. In addition to moustache, beard, sideburns, and unibrows, laser treatments can also be used on other areas of your face like the neck, chin, upper lip, and cheeks. Laser hair removal treatments can help you save time by removing unwanted facial hair quickly and easily in just a few sessions. Additionally, since it’s permanent, you won’t have to worry about any stubble or regrowth from previous treatments. 

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