There are many options for the removal of excess and unwanted body hair today. But back then, you only had a handful of rather itch-inducing or painful options. Laser hair removal has gained popularity in recent years for its results, but this method is still evolving.

The use of lasers for the destruction of hair follicles was invented during the 60s. However, the FDA-approved laser intended for hair removal only came about in the 90s. Today, you might have heard of Diode laser hair removal or YAG laser hair removal. There are already a lot of machines approved by the FDA for removing excessive hair. This article focuses on the Diode and YAG laser to give you a better understanding of each.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Before getting started on Diode and YAG, what is laser hair removal in the first place? It’s common knowledge that a laser is used to remove hair, but how exactly? Essentially, the hair (specifically the melanin) absorbs light that is emitted by a laser. This light energy then converts into heat, which then damages the hair follicles (responsible for producing hair). The damage caused by the laser delays or inhibits hair growth.

For laser hair removal to be effective, the hair follicle must be attached to the bulb (the one underneath the skin). And not all follicles are at that stage of hair growth. This is one of the main reasons why it usually takes a couple of sessions for laser hair removal to take effect.

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Diode Laser Hair Removal

A single wavelength of light is used by diode laser machines. This light easily abrupts the melanin in the hair, which then destroys the root of the follicle. Diode laser hair removal uses a high frequency but has a low fluence. This means that it can effectively destroy hair follicles of a small patch or area on the skin. 

Diode laser hair removal sessions may take more time, especially for large areas like the back or legs. Because of this, some patients may experience redness on the skin or irritation after a diode laser hair removal session.

YAG Laser Hair Removal

The trouble with laser hair removal is that it targets melanin, which is also present in the skin. This makes laser hair removal somewhat unsafe for people who have darker skin (more melanin). This is what YAG Laser Hair Removal is able to address as it does not directly target melanin. The light beam instead enters the skin tissue for selective photothermolysis, which heats up hair follicles.

The Nd: Yag technology uses longer wavelengths making it ideal for targeting excessive hair in larger areas of the body. It is one of the more comfortable laser systems, however, it is not as effective in removing finer hair follicles.

Comparing Diode and YAG Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser hair removal destroys hair follicles by targeting melanin whereas YAG laser hair removal penetrates the hair through the skin cells. This makes diode laser technology more effective for coarse hair and requires a shorter recovery time. Meanwhile, YAG laser technology requires shorter treatments, is ideal for targeting large excess hair areas, and makes for a more comfortable session.

Patients who have lighter skin can generally find the diode laser hair removal to be effective while those with darker skin may opt for YAG laser hair removal.

Although diode laser hair removal was said to be more painful than others, new machines have come out to reduce discomfort. Older Nd: YAG machines, on the other hand, have trouble with effectively removing fine hairs.

Advanced Laser Machines

The laser hair removal industry has come a long way and has come up with machines that can offer the advantages of one to two lasers. The GentleMax Pro by Candela is one such machine that combines Nd: YAG laser and Alexandrite laser.

The dual-platform GentleMax Pro by Candela can be used for different treatment options, thanks to its Alexandrite and YAG laser technology. It also works on different hair types and is perfect for Asian skin. Sessions with this advanced laser machine should be short and also comfortable (patients may feel pinpricks). Patients may need 6 to 8 sessions to enjoy long-lasting to permanent hair removal.

The Aesthetics Centre Singapore

When it comes to laser hair removal, it’s not just about the machine. You also need to look into the healthcare provider who will be performing laser treatments on you. The Aesthetics Centre is a laser and medical aesthetics clinic in Singapore that uses the GentleMax Pro by Candela for laser hair removal.

Dr Anita Soosay of The Aesthetics Centre has been a certified laser physician since 2007. She has experience in operating different lasers including Diode and ND: YAG as well as using Intense Pulsed Light or IPL.

Which Laser Hair Removal is For You?

If you have darker skin and would like to remove excess hair on your face or body, it might be best to opt for YAG laser hair removal. However, the best way to really find out which laser hair removal is for you is to visit a doctor. 

An experienced doctor can tell you what your hair and skin type are. Plus, he or she will be able to explain laser hair removal options that will be most effective for you. 

To find out the laser hair removal treatment that will be most effective for you, you can set an appointment with The Aesthetics Centre Singapore.

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