Fight of Stubborn Cellulite With The Aesthetics Centre's Laser Cellulite Treatment

Dr Anita Soosay recommends : Laser Treatment

Cellulite appears as unsightly and stubborn dimples underneath the skin, and can be difficult to treat. Cellulite creams are claimed to improve the appearance over time, but it’s easy to forget to apply them twice a day, and the results are not always noticeable.

At The Aesthetics Centre, we now offer laser cellulite treatment, using modern laser technology to break down the fibrous connective tissue within the fat layer, which is the cause of the persistent dimpling. Heat emitted from the laser dissolves the fat and removes the bulges.

After the treatment, the skin will feel warm to the touch; there is no downtime. For best results, the treatment should be performed once a week, for a total of eight to twelve weeks, depending on the severity of the cellulite.

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