Excessive hair loss can be a blow to a person’s self-esteem, a sentiment shared among men and women. The results can be devastating, humiliating and even tragic in some cases, which is why it is also difficult for those who suffer to seek the help they need.

The physical impact is only part of the bigger psychological trauma this condition creates. But, if you choose to act now, you’ll have a good chance at improving your hair loss situation. At The Aesthetics Centre, we provide Clinical Hair Restoration treatment in Singapore to help patients restore volume and prevent hair loss progression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How is Clinical Hair Restoration done?

Our Clinical Hair Restoration System is customized with the patient’s needs in mind. It is not a cut-and-dried system, but rather involves treatments that specifically address the unique hair loss problems of each patient.

We highlight the importance of a personal evaluation so we can carefully assess the extent of the hair loss, pinpoint the root cause of the problem, and plan the appropriate treatment needed. It is a multifactorial approach to hair loss restoration to achieve optimum results.

2. Who conducts the Clinical Hair Restoration treatment process?

Our very own Dr. Anita Soosay will thoroughly evaluate the patient, obtain a complete health and medical history and physically examine to assess the extent of the problem. Other tests may have to be conducted to determine the medical problems that are behind the excessive hair loss.

3. How long before I can see results?

The results will take time and it will depend on how the patient reacts to the treatment. We do not promise quick results because Clinical Hair Restoration involves a gradual process. It is like rewiring your system to create the right conditions for hair to grow back, healthy and strong.

4. Will there be any side effects?

Yes, the treatments involved in our Clinical Hair Restoration comes with its risks and side effects. However, we constantly strive to ensure that we minimize side effects and avoid adverse reactions. Continuous follow-up sessions will help us track your progress, as well as untoward reactions so that we can address these issues right away.

5. How much does the Clinical Hair Restoration treatment cost?

We can only provide an accurate quote after an initial consultation. We need to fully assess your case and plan the necessary treatment needed before we can arrive at a price. Each patient has their own treatment based on their unique needs and concerns, so the total cost would vary accordingly.


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