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Skin Resurfacing or Photofacial: Which Treatment is Best for You?

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The Hollywood Facial Rejuvenation This is for you if: You want your skin to glow This medical facial will get your skin looking red-carpet-ready, and with no downtime. It creates a glowing, even skin tone, gives a boost of hydration to plump up the skin’s texture and repairs blemishes. The glow factor is immediate, [...]

Gone for Good

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Though it’s said that no manufacturers of light-based hair removal machine are allowed to claim that they will effect permanent hair removal, they are allowed to claim permanent hair reduction, meaning that hair will be removed to a significant degree. Then there’s electrolysis, an older technology that can claim permanent removal over many sessions [...]

The Culprit: Stubborn Cellulite

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Dr Anita Soosay recommends : Laser Treatment Cellulite appears as unsightly and stubborn dimples underneath the skin, and can be difficult to treat. Cellulite creams are claimed to improve the appearance over time, but it’s easy to forget to apply them twice a day, and the results are not always noticeable. At The Aesthetics [...]

Beauty | Clinical Treatments

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Laser Resurfacing Lucky Reviewer: Verne Maree, South African Problem: Getting older, losing collagen and generally falling apart. More specifically, I’m bothered by the pores on my nose and T-Zone, fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and pigmentation patches on the cheeks, and looking for some overall skin rejuvenation. Solution: Pixel CO2 is a [...]

Smooth Operator

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Tackle unwanted hair efficiently and painlessly with laser hair removal treatment at The Aesthetics Centre. Smooth and hairless hands, legs and underarms can become increasingly important as temperatures soar and you’re tempted to wear the skimpiest of clothes. You definitely don’t want your style choices cramped by whether or not you’ve had time to [...]

Best Face Forward

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Here’s our roundup of six, facial treatments that are not only convenient, but also offer lasting benefits - from treating acne scars, to firming and rejuvenation. Laser Skin Rejuvenation Give dull skin new life and smoothen uneven texture with this treatment that combines the benefits of non-ablative laser peeling and aqua-dermabrasion. The two treatments [...]

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