Weighing In On 5 Bikini Hair Removal Options

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Like clothing or hairstyle, maintaining pubic hair is a matter of individual preference. If you’re keen to try other methods beyond your usual bikini hair removal repertoire, here’s a quick look at different options to help you weigh things better! Shaving  For most of us, we first dabbled in hair removal with a razor in [...]

A Bushel of Facts on Underarm Hair Removal

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We all love our hair, we pay good money to make sure that it’s healthy, and we style it whichever way we choose as a form of self-expression. However, the same cannot be said for body hair. Whether it grows on the chest, back, leg, underarms, or even in your intimate areas.  There are just [...]

14 Frequently Asked Questions on Leg Hair Removal

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Been wanting to wear your favorite shorts and dresses anytime you like, but can’t keep up with your hair removal routine?  Let’s face it, as much as shaving is convenient, and waxing a decent band-aid solution, these options don’t always leave you with flawless results. Besides the fact that they’re not comfortable treatments, subjecting your [...]

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Your 12 Burning Questions, Answered!

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Men often find themselves at a loss on how to deal with excess body hair. This has turned out to be a pain point that has pushed a growing number of guys to ditch their razors and turn to lasers to smooth over some hairy areas.  For this blog, we will take a deep dive [...]

10 Important Facts on Facial Hair Removal Before You Sign Up For It

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Facial hair removal in Singapore has been a reliable alternative from the usual methods you may be familiar with. It may be hard to part with old ways, but there’s also something to be gained when you try other options. Laser, after all, is an evidence-based treatment that addresses the usual concerns where old hair [...]

10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Laser Hair Removal

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If you’re feeling self-conscious about hairy parts on your face or body then laser hair removal is a good option for facial hair removal or body hair removal in Singapore. It’s a non-invasive procedure that works by rapidly pulsing lasers at the targeted follicles to remove hair and keep it from growing back. Laser hair [...]


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You’ve probably realised by now that laser hair removal is an easier way to deal with unwanted hair. But the lasers available today are not the same. That’s why you need to do your homework so you will know which laser treatments are able to deliver results efficiently and effectively. In this blog, we’ll give [...]

12 FACTS on LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Results, Costs, and More!

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People have been finding reasons to remove hair on the face and body since the beginning of time. As far back as the Ice Age, men and women shaved to avoid frostbite as hair absorbs moisture, which could freeze in extreme temperatures. Early Egyptians did it for hygiene because we all know how sweat-drenched hair [...]

Top Hair Removal Methods—Tweezing to Laser Hair Removal

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Hair is a great thing but let’s face it, there are parts of the face and body that people would rather keep hair-free. Since early history, people have been finding reasons to remove hair—from aesthetics to hygiene and everything in between—usually on the arms and legs, or face and underarms. According to archaeologists’ findings, there [...]

Laser Hair Removal Procedure vs. Home-use IPL Handset

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Shaving, plucking, and tweezing are standard methods of hair removal for women, but is the result worth the effort? The average woman shaves every three days to control excessive growth on the face and body. That’s four months out of a year spent on keeping the legs, underarms, arms, or bikini area hair-free. The same [...]