A History of Unwanted Hair—From ancient tweezers to laser hair removal system

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The methods of removing unwanted hair have gradually evolved over the years. Men and women have been dealing with this issue since early history. If archaeologists’ findings are to be believed, cave drawings of people using seashells as tweezers, and sharpened rocks as razors, are further proof of the historicity of hair removal. Since the [...]

Cream vs Laser: Which Tattoo Removal Method Really Costs Less

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It’s not so much the pain of laser treatment that makes people wince. So when, for whatever reason they feel the need to remove their tattoos, some people start looking around for a less expensive (and relatively less painful) method, which invariably leads them to consider tattoo removal creams.  “After all,” they might say to [...]

What to Expect After Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal doesn’t come cheap. But it’s a dependable solution if you want to make certain that you erase a bad decision inked on your skin. If you’re already considering this treatment, concerns are usually focused on what will come out of the treatment. To help you make an informed decision and finally get [...]

What Happens After Tattoo Removal? Find Out Here.

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It wasn’t too long ago when you couldn’t wait to have tattoos adorning your limbs and torso. Now, you find yourself among those whose passion for skin art proved to be short-lived.  In fact, you’re frequently reading ads for tattoo removal procedures.  But if there's one thing that's keeping you from finalising a doctor's appointment, [...]

6 Answers to FAQs About Tattoo Removal Pain (and What Can Be Done About It)

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If something hurts when you put it on, it makes sense for it to not hurt when it’s taken off, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always so. Removing a tattoo can hurt just as much, if not more, than getting it done. 84% of the participants in a study described the pain they went through while [...]

7 Reasons why stubborn tattoos are stubborn and how to remove them anyway.

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Once you decide to make a fresh start and to move on from the past, it's great to be able to wipe the slate clean and just focus on the future. Some tattoos, however, aren't so easy to get over, and can make us keep on looking back. But even the challenge of removing stubborn [...]

For Laser Tattoo Removal, Picoway is the Way To Go–Here’s Why

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If the thought of getting a tattoo removed ever crossed your mind, then you’ve probably done some research about how it’s done, the places that offer it, and how much it will cost. You’ve also probably noticed the range of price points available for laser tattoo removal. The cost and effectiveness of laser tattoo removal [...]

Tattoo Removal: Are Lasers the Way to Go?

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There are few things more permanent than getting a tattoo. A bad haircut can grow out, piercings are inconspicuous without the attached jewelry, and contact lens colors can be changed on a whim. But tattoos, no matter how hidden their position on the body, are another story. Tattoos stay with you. A constant reminder of [...]

Breaking Down The Cost of Tattoo Removals

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Last updated on August 6th, 2019 More people are getting tattoos than ever before, judging from the proliferation of tattoo parlors, the growing acceptance of tattooing as a fine art form, and the rise of celebrity tattoo artists.  But the popularity of this once-subversive form of self-expression doesn’t automatically translate to better tattoo decisions. There [...]