Skin Resurfacing Singapore - Convenient and Effective in Treating Acne Scars, Firming, and Revitalising

Here’s our roundup of six, facial treatments that are not only convenient, but also offer lasting benefits – from treating acne scars, to firming and rejuvenation.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Give dull skin new life and smoothen uneven texture with this treatment that combines the benefits of non-ablative laser peeling and aqua-dermabrasion. The two treatments are done alternately every three to four weeks, and the result (after three sessions of each) is noticeably smoother skin that is brighter in tone and more refined in texture.

Compared with an ablative laser peel, the non-ablative laser peel spares the epidermis (and the chances of you looking like a lobster), along with greatly reducing the need for down-time, and penetrates deeper to promote production of collagen to tighten the skin from within. The hour-long session helps to minimise pores, fine lines and mild scarring.

After three weeks, you go back for the aqua-dermabrasion. Unlike microdermabrasion that uses microcrystals, here a jet spray of sterile water and pure oxygen gently removes dead skin while hydrating the new layer of skin. It’s ideal for those with sensitive skin. The session lasts only 40 minutes and there is no discomfort or need for down-time. Afterwards, you find your skin soft and smooth. Those with oily skin will also notice that it’s more balanced and less shiny.

—Published on expatLIVING April 2016 Magazine