Thermage Tummy Tightening and Body Shaping:

Get back the body you used to have

Best for those who have lost a lot of weight, recently had a baby or are simply looking for a tighter, firmer tummy, this non-invasive procedure promises to help retain existing collagen and also promote the production of new collagen over time. The result? Less sagging, a younger looking skin and a flattening and softening of any stretch marks you may have. Apart from tummies, it can also help tighten, firm and shape your thighs and buttocks.

You could even schedule it during your lunch hour, as the procedure requires no downtime and you can go straight back to your normal routine afterwards.

Generally, you can expect to see some change immediately and will notice an improvement in the skin for up to six months after the treatment as the body continues to produce new collagen. Results can last up to two years depending on the condition of your skin and other factors associated with the process of ageing.

—Published on expatLIVING BEAUTY | Slimming Treatments Magazine

Body Reshaping and Thermage Singapore - How to Get that Body Back