Can you still remember how frustrating it was in your teens when you had to endure seemingly endless breakouts? Or maybe it was a time when your skin was its most radiant? Whatever its lot was then, it is both fortunate and unfortunate that not all things last forever. That goes for your pimples and your youthful skin.

As you pass the milestones in your life, your skin’s needs also change. So if you want to give your skin the best chances for looking its besteven with the biological and environmental factors that could work against it, here’s an anti-aging timeline to help you out.

Keeping it fresh and youthful in your 20s

Your twenties is the time when you step into the adult world where you are greeted with loads of responsibilities. As you start your climb up that career ladder, stress also follows suit. The best precaution you can take for your skin is to focus on hydration.

Drink water

As we age, our skin begins to hold less moisture. When you don’t do anything about it, you set the stage early for wrinkles and fine lines to set in. The easiest way to counter this would be to drink a lot of water. There have been several accounts of how increasing water intake improved skin quality. So, instead of downing frappes and caffeinated drinks, reach out for H2O instead.

Use a moisturizer

While water hydrates you from the inside, a moisturizer works by holding in moisture. The best time to use it is immediately after washing your face to keep the water you used to rinse from evaporating. Opt for “thicker” moisturizers with a higher concentration of skin-protecting ingredients, choosing cream-based products over lotion-based formulas. Furthermore, don’t forget to factor in anti-inflammatory ingredients like Vitamins A and C, as well as other brightening agents to help minimize pores and redness.

Choose a gentle cleanser

If you have finally gotten over your teenage skin troubles, you may now choose gentler ingredients. This is to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils that keep it moisturized.

Handle the occasional breakouts

Just because you’re past your teenage years doesn’t mean that acne suddenly disappears. Sometimes, breakouts remain or make an occasional appearance even well into your 20s. It is important to remember that at this stage, your skin is starting to transition from being acne-prone to dry. If you still use the same products, which are acid-based and blemish fighting, they can dry up your skin even more and end up becoming irritating. Switch to moderate-strength acne products. For example, if you have been using Retinol products to fight acne, try a lower percentage this time around.

Consider Injectables

Dermal fillers and other anti-aging injectables have now gained more popularity as a non-surgical skin tightening option. What was once a treatment that was used mostly by women has now attracted men. The common reason for the rising demand today is not only due to vanity but also practicality. Several doctors and aestheticians claim that patients in their twenties undergo this treatment because today’s workforce equates youth to speedy results and productivity. Hence, it makes younger-looking men and women more professionally desirable.  Such treatments are also seen as a preventative measure rather than a belated fix. Furthermore, there are dermal fillers in the hydration range, which can help improve skin elasticity and moisture.

Creating better defenses in your 30s

In your 30s, your skin care regimen should focus on action. This means that you have to be more proactive in amping up your treatments as hormonal changes and stress throw your skin out of whack. This is also a time to redeem your skin or do some damage control if you were not as keen on skincare in your 20s.

Upgrade your moisturizer

In this new decade of life, your skin needs a higher concentration of Vitamins A and C to address any pigmentation problems. Skin discoloration is common in this age, either due to sun damage, pregnancy, and hormonal changes.

Try gentle lasers

Fine lines may already start making their unwelcome appearance at this point, and this is the right time to tackle the problem. A gentle laser would be a good start in addressing the early signs of aging before resorting to the big guns. It helps tighten and firm up the overall appearance of the face and neck. There are also lasers that largely focus on collagen-firming, which is actually ideal because we start losing collagen when we enter our mid-30s. Meanwhile, other gentle laser devices address sunspots,  redness, and other pigmentation problems

Making it right with retinoids

Retinoids become particularly important at this age because stimulates cellular turnover. It exfoliates the skin and promotes DNA repair, consequently reversing sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Some experts suggest that over-the-counter creams with retinol are gentler to use than prescription retinoids, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Fill it in with Fillers

As facial lines become deeper and more noticeable, anti-wrinkle treatments are also gaining more favor. The most common areas treated at this age are the lower eyelid areas and the tear trough areas. Dermal fillers are also requested by some patients who are starting to see volume loss along the areas around the eyes, lips, and cheekbones.  Introducing fillers in these areas restores volume and enhances projection. The effectiveness of dermal fillers depends on how a person is aging and how well the tissues hold on to the filler. Get professional help so that you can be guided accordingly.

Fighting aging in your 40s

If you have not been quite so diligent in addressing your skin concerns in your 20s and 30s, it may already start to show at this stage in the form of dullness, patchiness, sagging, and dehydrated skin. Skin turnover will be much slower in this decade, while facial lines appear deeper. For those who are nearing menopause (45 and above), you could face a number of skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, and skin dryness. Therefore, aside from your usual skincare routine, your skin now requires extra care, and it helps a lot to be guided professionally. Your focus at this age ismaintenance with a twist, as you tweak your routine as soon as you hit this tipping point.

Keep your old skin care routine

The point is to add to your existing routine, and not replace it totally. Continue to look for products with more nutrients and anti-aging ingredients. Important nutrients that you should be looking for include:

Vitamin A – reduces brown spots and wrinkles

Vitamin B3 – protects and moisturizes the skin

Vitamin C – produces firmer and evenly-toned skin; addresses skin dryness

Vitamin K – lightens under eye circles

Be more gentle

Ditch astringent toners for micellar water which is gentler on the skin but is just as effective. As skin becomes dryer, you need moisture-retaining products in your arsenal. Micellar water may just look like your drinking water, but it is made up of gentle microscopic molecules called micelles. These minute particles attach to dirt, makeup, and all that gunk on your skin and dissolve it. In essence, it gets rid of the bad stuff as gently as possible, unlike soap and other cleansers, while keeping the good stuff on your skin.

Corrective Treatments

It is already best to consider corrective and non-invasive treatments such as injectables, radiofrequency, microdermabrasion, or light therapies. These treatments come at the right time when collagen and elastin production slows down, hyaluronic acid levels drop, hyperpigmentation increases, and wrinkles become more prominent.

If you want to beat skin aging, an effective way would be to invest in your skincare. The fact that you are reading this is a good step forward. Get professional advice to know which products, treatments, or services are worth spending a few dollars on.

You may not be able to control everything because genetics play a 50/50 role in aging, but take all the measures you can and embrace the changes that another birthday brings.

We can always age better — you just need the right knowledge and professional help to get there. For all your other skin concerns and questions, the team at The Aesthetics Centre is more than ready to help you. Book your appointment today!