While you might decide to get a haircut on a whim, laser hair removal’s the total opposite — it’s something that you have to commit to once you consider getting the treatment. And it is often regarded as an investment with the time, patience, and money you’d have to shell out.

But imagine a moment where you won’t have to shave nor wax anymore. Do you have a spur-of-the-moment beach trip? No problem! Going on a date and you want to wear a short summer dress? Yes, you can definitely do that without the last-minute shaving sesh. So say goodbye to the possibility of razor bumps and cuts before your fun day out.

For the record: Facial and body hair are entirely NORMAL. However, hair removal is a personal choice that anyone can make for reasons such as hygiene or cosmetic concerns.

No matter the motive, permanent hair removal is worth exploring. But before you run to your nearest clinic, we compiled five top secrets to a successful laser hair removal treatment to help you get the best out of the experience.

Laser hair removal (LHR) is becoming an increasingly popular beauty treatment, but it’s a must to know what you’re getting into before you book your first appointment.

LHR has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair, but it’s not always the easiest. If you want the best results, you’ll need to take some extra precautions to ensure that your treatment is as successful as possible and does not cause damage to your skin.

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1. Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment is to avoid too much sun exposure. It means wearing sunscreen daily, even if you don’t plan to spend time outside. Sun exposure can make your skin more sensitive, leading to discomfort during your treatment. It can also cause sunburns, which may be followed by hyperpigmentation or scarring. Some creams can be applied before and after treatments to help minimise these risks.

2. You Have To Commit Long-Term

Once you start this process, it’s best to stay consistent. Laser hair removal is most effective when done throughout several sessions. That’s because the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle, and it takes multiple sessions to deplete that pigment. So if you’re looking for long-lasting results, be prepared to come in for several treatments.

Here at The Aesthetics Centre, our laser hair removal treatments are carried out by experts who understand how much clients want flawless, hair-free skin as soon as possible. However, the number of sessions depends on your skin type and the thickness of your hair. Rest assured we work hard to see to it that all clients receive long-lasting and effective treatments until they are satisfied with the final results.

We are always happy to discuss your treatment options before your appointment so you can decide which option is best for your needs.

3. Ask What Type of Treatment Best Suits You

You’ll want to research the different lasers available in your clinic of choice because not all are created equal. Each laser hair removal treatment has its own effectiveness and potential side effects. Ultimately, your desired type of laser hair removal treatment will depend on which body area needs targeted hair reduction (e.g., bikini line, underarms).

For example, The Aesthetics Centre’s Alexandrite lasers offer more comfort and better results because they produce a longer beam, which means fewer pulses are needed. As a result, it is ideal for treating large surface areas in dark skin through quick treatments that do not damage the patient’s delicate tissue. Fewer pulses also mean less pain and longer-lasting results than an IPL laser.

Nd: YAG is a popular laser treatment for unwanted hair on any skin tone, as it requires fewer sessions and provides longer beam times. We offer this convenient option with minimal discomfort because of its high accuracy compared to other treatments.

Our GentleMax Pro™ delivers both Alexandrite laser and Nd: YAG suited for different hair types and treatment options.

4. Choose A Clinic That Provides The Best Care

If you’re looking for laser hair removal, it’s a must to find a reputable centre that can provide you with top-notch care. The staff should be professional and knowledgeable about the procedure, and the centre should use state-of-the-art equipment.

Certified and well-trained staff is vital for a successful experience. The clinician should be able to explain how laser hair removal works, outline your treatment plan, address any concerns you may have, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Laser hair removal is only allowed by certified professionals. The Singapore Guidelines for Aesthetic Practices state that unless they’ve had additional training and experience, specialists should not perform laser procedures.

Also, the place should be comfortable and welcoming. At The Aesthetics Centre, we want you to feel at ease during your visit and leave feeling like you had an enjoyable experience, not one filled with anxiety or frustration.

It’s also essential that your centre provides top-notch, noninvasive care. If the technicians are inexperienced or unprofessional, they could cause severe damage to sensitive skin areas like the bikini line or face.

5. Regrowth Is Normal

Many people think that laser hair removal means never having to shave again. That’s not always the case. While it can reduce the amount of hair regrowth, it doesn’t usually get rid of it completely. And that’s normal! Some regrowth is expected but maybe not as thick or plenty as before.

A permanent laser hair removal treatment can make hair thinner in a given area within one session. But it’s not magic; it won’t make your hair disappear completely, especially after one sesh. If the regrowing hair is still a bit thick, you’ll need another session or two, sometimes six to eight! So it’s important to work with your clinic on a plan that suits you.

Our laser hair removal treatments are unlike over-the-counter products where you see instant results. So before panic sets in because nothing seems to be happening, remember: patience is key! Your body must change before new hair starts growing back and those old follicles stop producing more strands.

Post Treatment Care

Post-treatment care is essential so your treatment lasts longer and doesn’t irritate your skin. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Redness and bumps are typical side effects, so consult your technician about aftercare.
  • Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, and avoid coffee or alcohol, as these will dry out your skin
  • Be careful not to touch any area treated with laser hair removal until the scabs fall off.
  • Remember not to put deodorant, lotion, oils, perfumes, or makeup on places that have had laser treatments because this can cause burns and irritation.
  • It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing for two weeks following the procedure.
  • Apply sunscreen before sun exposure for at least three months after treatment.

The Aesthetics Centre

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