As a country close to the equator, Singapore constantly experiences high temperatures and frequent rain showers. The tropical heat and humidity call for a special kind of skin care to keep your skin radiant and youthful.


Choosing a moisturizer that is suitable for this hot weather can be rather tricky, but it is worth noting that your skin type is  the highest consideration. You want to moisturize your skin with an oil-free moisturizer, and not slather on a thick layer that only stresses out your pores.

Asian women naturally have a weaker skin barrier compared to their Western counterparts. This means that the skin becomes easily damaged by external stimuli, making it more prone to moisture loss and dryness. Aside from racial differences in skin properties, the frequency and gravity of this problem also increases with age. As such, it is important that you add deep moisturizing to your skincare routine.

In a humid environment, it is not enough to just slather layer upon layer of moisturizer on your skin. What is important is an effective product that hydrates the skin from within and locks in the nourishment and moisture.

Even if you hole up in your home or office all day to avoid the hot and humid conditions outside and have the air conditioning on full blast, these will still sap your skin’s moisture. The resulting skin dryness will exaggerate fine lines, and your skin will be prone to breakouts. So, be sure to take extra care in hydrating your skin, especially when you hit the sack at night.

Double Cleansing

Another skin care routine that many swear by is double cleansing. It sounds like something that requires extra effort, which is why only a few have the discipline or the patience to keep it up. But before you brush it off, let’s see what it actually is and why it is something you need to consider.

All of us deal with skin problems such as redness, breakouts, or uneven pigmentation.  Aside from other causes, these can also be brought on by factors like make-up, excess oil, dead skin cells, and even our trusty sunscreen.  Some of us even shell out good money for products such as your 24-hour coverage liquid foundation that make a harsh  impact on the skin, which is consequently  hard to alleviate. All of these pile up on the skin’s surface.

So, is your quick wash enough to get rid of it?

Well, it turns out that your usual wash-and-go routine doesn’t suffice. Most of the products we use today are designed to stay effective over extended periods. As expected, this means that your  long-wear cosmetic security blanket will remain in your skin until the next day, which may be great on the one hand, but detrimental on the other if it is just left there. This is where a double cleansing becomes very helpful.

As the name suggests, double cleansing is washing your face twice.  The first wash takes care of the bigger picture which involves an oil or a balm assisted by a mechanical tool (a muslin cloth or brush). The second wash is a micro-cleansing that deals with micro-matter like dead skin cells and pollutants that can stick and stay on the skin. This very similar to exfoliation.

Taking a closer look at it, the first wash focuses on targeting a present skin problem that needs to be corrected. It is about moving away from the idea of just concealing the problem with cosmetics, and  actually fixing the problem. You therefore end up making efficient choices when it comes to your skin care products. In so doing, you  improve the quality of your skin, gradually making high-coverage products unnecessary. This way, you  move towards easier-to-remove products which only require a single cleansing.

Tip: The second wash should involve a gentle, non-foaming cleanser. Take note that cleansers that contain beta-hydroxy acids or exfoliators are not considered gentle.

Broad-Spectrum Protection

If you really want to give your skin ample protection in Singapore, a reliable sunscreen should be a staple.

Even if the day is overcast, the sun’s rays are still in high gear. Many people often have the impression that they can just skip the sunscreen or sunblock during cloudy days or when out for brief periods under the sun. But, a little cloud cover or your tinted car windows mean nothing because Ultraviolet (UV) rays can pierce through it.

Why do I need this kind of protection?

While it does add another step to your beauty regimen, sunscreen is necessary.  Skin cancer is the sixth most common cancer in men in Singapore and the seventh in women, afflicting almost 3,100 people. With prevention being so much better than cure, this simple step just might save you from this disease.

Aside from being a preventive measure, sunscreen is also a good addition to your anti-aging solutions. UV exposure has been found to cause 80% of skin aging in a study involving almost 300 women. The same study also found that sun damage ages the skin by three years.

How does it protect?

Sunscreen protects the skin by blocking and absorbing UV rays with a combination of physical and chemical particles. Components like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide reflect UV radiation away from the skin. Other ingredients likewise react with the radiation before it penetrates the skin.

Women’s Weekly gives a list of sunscreens that are best suited for Singapore weather. Learn more about the list here.

Treat and Pamper

Beyond your usual daily routine, your skin needs an extra dose of care with some next-level treatment. With the sun damage that your skin has experienced, you can go for professional treatments that correct and prevent future damage.

These treatments include chemical peels, laser services, and a host of other non-surgical solutions to reverse sun damage. Today, we are fortunate enough to be able to have our skin taken care of by innovative equipment and advanced techniques such as Non-Ablative Laser Resurfacing.  It is one of the dynamic treatments in the market today because it can target wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and sun-damaged skin. You may want to step up your usual facials with Photofacials, which involve intense pulsed light therapy. These treatments can improve collagen breakdown and the appearance of broken capillaries on the skin’s surface while preventing future damage.

Getting It Plumped

Fine lines and sagging due to frequent unprotected sun exposure can also be addressed by  dermal fillers. These are injectables that are formulated to improve the signs of aging to make the skin smoother, plump and youthful. However, fillers not only fill in the areas underneath the skin, but  also stimulates collagen renewal upon introduction and  improves its underlying structure and texture.

Heads Up!

Salons might offer a variety of skin care services,but it is clinics that offer more reliable treatments that are supported by years of study and training. For money well spent, only trust those who are certified to perform the job.

Singapore is a beautiful country with so much to see and do, so get out there and experience it! Don’t let our climate scare you into the shade or allow it to wear your skin down.  Give it ample protection and address current damage today.

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