7 Non-Surgical Aesthetic Clinic Treatments for Youthful Skin in Singapore

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What would you be willing to give if you could look 10 years younger? One of the obvious answers would be cosmetic surgery, but most of us are not too keen on going under the knife. Reasons vary and they include the risk of complications, scars, and the cost of it all. Fortunately for us [...]

Common Skin Problems in Singapore Women and How to Manage Them

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Singapore is a country that basks in bright and sunny weather for most of the year, but the heat doesn’t come without consequences. At the least, our skin can suffer because of these environmental factors. If you notice some undesirable changes like pimples, rashes or eczema, you are not alone. Many are struggling with this [...]

4 Ways to Love Your Skin in Singapore Weather

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As a country close to the equator, Singapore constantly experiences high temperatures and frequent rain showers. The tropical heat and humidity call for a special kind of skin care to keep your skin radiant and youthful. Moisturize Choosing a moisturizer that is suitable for this hot weather can be rather tricky, but it is worth [...]

Laser Hair Removal Vs. IPL: Which is Better?

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Getting rid of stubborn hair growth can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly. But if you have been holding off for that one solution that can promise you long-lasting results, then wait no more because the answer has arrived! Aside from clinics - salons and spas have also been working up a sweat promoting their [...]

10 Habits That Cause Premature Skin Aging

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Our skin has an impressive ability to protect us and even bounce back despite the number of damaging elements it is exposed to. However, if it is showing the worse for wear, it can make you look old, tired or unhealthy. Since "distressed" is a look best applied to jeans, it won't be as flattering [...]